100% Grass Fed Beef

 No antibiotics, hormones, or grain 

A.D.C.A. Registered Dexters

​Dreamcatcher Farm

Trapper, our ADCA registered Dun herd sire, enjoying the day with the herd.

We keep our babies with their mommas until weaning - up to 10 months of age.

Winter is a bit more challenging, but Dexters are a hardy breed and their diet of quality hay provides the energy they need to enjoy our Michigan winters too.

If you are concerned about quality beef and want to know where your meat comes from, consider 100% grass fed non GMO beef from Dreamcatcher Farm.

We sell by quarter and half. Our price is based on hanging weight and is currently $3.25/lb.

Burger is available all the time for $6.00/lb.

Give us a call to arrange pick up or delivery.

Summer in Michigan is a time of green grass and  warm temperatures.  Our herd enjoy this time of year the best and so do we.