Our story

Neka and Nikita

​Born and raised on dairy farms in upstate New York, we experienced modern commercial agriculture.  We now realize the havoc ag practices of the past have plagued on human health. Our goal is  to help correct these errors and practice good stewardship of the soil and  raise healthy, happy animals.  Providing our customers with 100% grass fed beef - the healthier choice.

100% Grass Fed Beef

 No antibiotics, hormones, or grain 

A.D.C.A. Registered Dexters


Rhoda and Rocky

​Dreamcatcher Farm

2018 Dexter additions

Escaping the nightmare and catching our dream

Est. 2007

Herefords are a new addition to our farm.  We are using our Dexter bull and the combination has produced some beautiful cattle.  Herefords are excellent mothers and watch over each others babes just as our Dexter moms do.  So sweet to watch this in all of our cattle.

Welcome to Dreamcatcher farm

​A place of simple pleasures, a slower pace, with contented creatures raised  in a natural environment, free from the contaminants and hazards of modern agriculture.

Our cow/calf operation provides 100% Grass Fed Beef - the healthier choice for those seeking a high quality meat.

Located in southern lower Michigan we are home to registered Irish Dexter cattle.  A naturally small breed of cattle reaching 36 to 42 inches tall and weighing 800 - 1,000 pounds.  We raise all three colors: red, black, and dun. 

Recently, the Hereford breed has joined our Dexter family.  2018 will see some of these cross bred animals ready for purchase and of course, 100% grass fed from birth.